Hey there! Jared here from Tread Connection RTP. We are often asked, “How can I maintain the value of my vehicle.” Since we focus on wheels and tires, that is not entirely our area of expertise. However, we still want to help out, so we did some research to compile a list of tips and tricks.

Here’s the big one! According to Kelly Blue Book, “A top factor in determining a vehicle’s worth is the interior and exterior condition.” So we’re focusing this post on keeping up the interior and exterior condition.

Maintaining the Interior: Aesthetics & Cleanliness

  1. Keeping my car clean and tidy helps maintain the value of my vehicleKeep the interior clean.
    • Investing in professional detailing at least once a year. Professional services have the tools and knowledge to really clean the vehicle.
    • Do your best to keep the vehicle as clean as possible in between detailing services. If you drop some food, clean it up right away. (It is just like spilling ketchup on a white tee-shirt. If you clean it immediately, it can greatly increase the chances of not permanently staining the shirt.)
  2. Invest in seat and floor covers.
    • These can range from $20-$200 (depending on their look/quality). Though they can look goofy, this will help your interior stay in tip-top shape.
    • The smell will linger… forever!
  4. Try not to eat in your vehicle.
    • We know this isn’t always possible… But, it does help reduce grime and buildup. If you have to eat in your vehicle, make sure to clean up!

Maintaining the Interior: Mechanics

Addressing mechanical issues and getting regular servicing can help maintain the value of my vehicleI hate to break it to you but the concept of “Ignorance is bliss” is NOT a good idea when it comes to your engine. If a light comes on, you feel a weird vibration, or you hear an unusual sound, do yourself a favor and get it checked out!

Additionally, become familiar with your owner’s manual and follow its directions. The manual was produced by the manufacture as a guideline to help keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible.

Plus, this gives you a better idea of how to know when your vehicle needs service. That way you don’t feel pressured (or end up tricked) by mechanics.

Now, here are the tips!

    • If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this one! In fact, this is so important that we are going to quote Kelly Blue Book directly.

    “The simplest task to increase the life of your vehicle is to maintain the proper amount of oil in the engine. Additionally, change the oil and filter at the intervals recommended in the owner’s manual, for example, every 5,000, 7,500 or 10,000 miles.  Oil lubricates the engine parts.


    Second, oil is a fluid that disperses heat. Some of the oil is burned off by the engine so it needs to be replenished when the level drops. Make sure it is the proper weight oil for your engine. ‘An engine runs hotter with less oil in it. The hotter it runs the more strain, stress that is put on the engine parts. You could blow the engine eventually, meaning it will need to be rebuilt or replaced, it’s very expensive. It will not blow up if the engine is a quart of oil down, but when they start getting a couple of quarts down you can run into some interesting issues,’ Moritz said. In addition, getting a frequent oil change will help fight sludge.”

  2. Replace your timing belt.
  3. Check your power steering fluid.
  4. Replace your transition fluid. 
  5. Flush your radiator coolant. 
  6. Top off your brake fluid.
  7. Maintain your transfer case.
  8. Rotate your tires (we’ve talked about this!)
  9. Replace your air filter.

Maintaining the Exterior: Aesthetics

Keeping the exterior of my car clean and protected can help maintain the value of my vehicleLike the interior, if you quickly address problems (such as dings and scratches) you can help prevent additional wear and tear.

Here are a few proactive steps that you can take:

  1. Park in a garage or shade
    • This tip helps both the interior as much as the exterior since excessive exposure to heat can cause long-term damage.
  2. Do not park too close to other vehicles. 
  3. Add a clear plastic guard to your vehicle’s nose.
  4. Add mudflaps
    • Keep those rocks and mud away from the side of your vehicle.
  5. Wash and Wax regularly!

Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

Focusing on these key areas (interior aesthetic and mechanics as well as exterior aesthetic) can help you maintain the value of your vehicle. 

That way, when it comes time to sell or trade-in, you get the most bang for your buck!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling 919-636-3338, and if we cannot answer them, we will direct you to someone that can!

Maintaining Vehicle Value

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