Do tires affect the transmission?

Have you ever considered how your tires could affect your transmission? Believe it or not, this is a super common question and rightfully so being that a vehicle’s transmission plays a crucial role in its ability to take motion. So for this week’s blog, we want to emphasize that tires may affect your transmission and if you do not implement the proper care it could lead to many problems. 

Closeup of gears in a vehicles Transmission

But before we explain how tires can affect the transmission, let us first explain the role of a transmission (in laymen’s terms)!

What is the function of a transmission?

The human body is made up of many systems that work together to run smoothly; the same goes for your car. A transmission is a crucial part of what makes a vehicle run. It’s attached to the engine and makes sure the engine and wheels stay the course with one another. Hence, how tires could possibly cause havoc within the transmission.

Think of the transmission like the nervous system of your vehicle. The skeletal system involves the axles while the engine and wheels are the muscular system. The transmission is attached to the engine and sends signals to it and the wheels to make the turning motion occur. That motion continues regardless of what gear the vehicle’s in or what condition or size that your tires may be.

Closeup of a BF Goodrich tire, perfect for off-roading

So, do tires affect the transmission? 

Yes! By increasing the size of your tires (in diameter). When the size increases it interferes with the gear ratio. Increasing the size causes the tires to rotate slower and yet it’s the same amount of ground. More power is demanded to accelerate, kind of like more energy is needed for the muscle in the body. This leads to a taxing strain on the current gear ratio.

(Do you want to know more about gears and how they work? This is a really fun article!)

If larger tires affect the transmission, why increase the size of the tire?

Increasing tire/wheel size is a popular trend among car enthusiasts. When the wheel diameter increases it allows for a wider, low aspect ratio in the tire. For one, many people like the way that this looks! But a taller tire can enhance the car’s performance proficiency with handling and stability. This would be very beneficial when encountering rocky terrain out in the country or crazy road construction downtown. 



So, if you plan on changing the size of your tires give us a call. We will help determine which steps to take to make the switch safe for your vehcile’s transmission! Click here to book and appointment online, or give us a call at (919) 636-3338!