Does your company need a trusted fleet service provider?

Time is money… right? For those of you who own a business with fleet vehicles, when the vehicles are not on the road, you are not making money! But, what do you do when your fleet needs new tires? Taking the company cars to a tire shop during regular business hours is far from ideal! But, you are in luck, we are a fleet tire service provider!

  Tread Connection RTP changing tires on a fleet

Tread Connection RTP is a state-of-the-art mobile tire shop that fits inside of a van! When you need new tires we will bring the tire shop to you, whether that is your company lot, a job site, or anywhere in between! Better yet, we can work around YOUR schedule, early mornings, late evening and even overnight. So the next time your company’s fleet needs new tires, we can help you out! Our goal is to help keep your company vehicles on the road and earning money!

What services does Tread Connection Provide?

Tread Connection is a mobile tire shop. Anything that a brick and mortar tire shop can provide, we can too! 

  • Installation of new wheels and tires
  • Flat Repair
  • Tire Balance and Rotations
  • Air Pressure Check
  • Wheel and Torque Check
  • TPMS Replacement and Diagnosis

Does Tread Connection Provide the tires?

Tread Connection Van full of new and used tires.

Yes! Again, if a brick and mortar tire shop can do it, so can we! In fact, we also sell wheels!

How will I know which tires need to be replaced?

Give us a call! We provide complete tire diagnostics using a Groove Glove, a laser tread depth scanner and alignment diagnostic tool. The lasers and internal navigation sensors allow the Groove Glove’s cloud-based software to accurately measure tire for tread depth and analyze the profile for tire wear patterns that would indicate an alignment condition. Whether you have a few vehicles or thousands, we can efficiently scan every tire. The Groove Glove will take the data and generate a report (see the picture below) that we email to you. 

At this point, you can make a decision as to how many vehicles need their tires serviced and schedule an appointment. Remember, we will work around your schedule! No need to park your money-making machines for an entire workday just to get new tires!

Keeping Your Company's Vehicles on the Road

What is there to lose?

Northing! When it comes to servicing your company’s fleet vehicles, Tread Connection RTP is the best option for your tire needs. We will work around your schedule, and come to you! So, stop wasting time (and money) at a brick and mortar tire shop, and let Tread Connection RTP be your fleet service provider!

Give us a call at (919) 636-3338 or go online to schedule your service!