How our mobile tire shop is convenient!

Whether you are in the market for new tires, dreaming of upgraded rims, inconvenienced with a flat/damaged tire, questions about nitrogen-filled tires, or simply need a tire rotation we make it convenient for YOU. Instead of using your PTO time at a tire shop, we bring a mobile tire shop to your location. Want to get a round of 18 in while we make the repair “a hole in one” for you? Need to squeeze that hair appointment in while we are fashionably fast with your tire needs? Tread Connection RTP is a dedicated mobile tire shop that comes to your location so you keep doing you. Does this still sound too good to be true?  We are dedicating this blog to explain how our mobile tire shop is convenient! 

Red Car in front of Tread Connection RTP's Mobile Tire Shop

Scheduling an appointment with our mobile tire shop is convenient

To schedule an appointment follow these instructions:

  • Call (919) 636-3338 or Click here to schedule your appointment online
  • Select appointment slot (you pick the time!)
  • Provide location information for technician to report to

Purchasing tires is convenient

You can either purchase your tires directly through us, or you can purchase your tires from a third party, and schedule an appointment with our mobile tire shop to install your new tires! Wherever you decide to purchase, here is a checklist of information that you need to gather to make the tire purchase as convenient as possible:

  • Make and model of your vehicle
  • Tire code on current tires
  • Surfaces that you drive on
  • Weather conditions
Our Mobile Tire Shop is Convenient

This Image is from Bridgestone Tires

The actual appointment is convenient!

All you have to do is make sure your vehicle is at the location that you requested, whether your home, office, a golf course, the parking lot of your favorite gym, or any other place with a driveway or parking lot. We will arrive at the location, identify the vehicle, service your tires, and voila! Better yet, you do not even have to interact with us! Like the Tooth Fairy, you schedule the time they arrive and the services are performed without interruption and leave without any inconvenience to the parties involved.

Hudson with Tread Connection RTP in the process of removing a tire using the touchless tire remover




Next time you need your tires serviced, choose Tread Connection RTP, and save your PTO for that much-needed vacation! Give us a call at (919) 636-3338 to schedule your appointment.