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Fleet Services keep your company cars on the road

Keeping Your Company On the Road

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For businesses with fleet vehicles, time truly is money. Any time those vehicles are not on the road, whether scheduled or emergency, is costing the company money. That’s where fleet services come in.

While it’s important to schedule regular maintenance to eliminate the emergency downtime, it’s challenging to make the time to take those fleet vehicles to the shop for tires, oil changes, etc. That’s why we are introducing the Fleet Vehicle Support System.

Tread Connection RTP is a state-of-the-art mobile tire shop that fits inside of a van! When you need new tires, we will bring the tire shop to you! That means we’ll drive our van to your company lot, a job site, or anywhere in between!

Better yet, we can work around YOUR schedule, early mornings, late evening, and even overnight. So the next time your company’s fleet needs new tires, we can help you out!

Our goal is to help keep your company vehicles on the road and earning money!

Fleet Services by Tread Connection

Tread Connection is a mobile tire shop. Anything that a brick and mortar tire shop can provide, we can too!
The difference? We offer it around your schedule instead of the other way around!