The Mobile Tire Shop
What is a mobile tire shop and how can it help you?

Tread Connection Mobile Tire Shop in Action!

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What is a Mobile Tire Shop?

It’s an easier, more convenient way to handle your wheel & tire maintenance– But, everyone seems to have a different idea about what it really offers. To make it easy, here’s an overview of what all a Mobile Tire Shop can help you out with and what makes Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill Tread Connection different from other providers.

The Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill Mobile Tire Shop

Think of a food truck for tires and wheels! We are a complete, state-of-the-art tire shop that fits inside of a van.

Since the entire tire shop is contained inside a van, customers are able to schedule an appointment (either online or by calling us at 919-636-3338), and select the time and the location of their appointment. Then, we will bring the van to the customer at the specified place and time to complete their mobile tire service.

How Do I Choose a Location?

We can meet you anywhere! At your home, office, or favorite gym– even the golf course, hair salon, or grocery store. Our mission is to provide the easiest most convenient experience for our customers! 

If you need help after “regular work hours,” give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re taking care of! 

What Do You Mean by State-of-the-Art Technology?

When we say, “state-of-the-art” we are serious. Our van is equipped with a touchless tire remover. When we are uninstalling old tires, a crowbar NEVER comes into contact with the wheel! We take great pride in offering a convenient service– but we also take a lot of pride in offering the best service for both you AND your vehicle. 

We also provide tire diagnostics.

Our laser tread depth scanner and alignment diagnostic tool is called the Groove Glove. The lasers and internal navigation sensors allow the Groove Glove’s cloud-based software to accurately measure tires for tread depth and analyze the profile for tire wear patterns that would indicate an alignment condition.

Can You Help Me Plan for Maintenance?

Our Groove Glove creates a report that details your tires wear and alignment. We can use this information to help you prepare for your next tire purchase. Plus, it helps us make sure that your purchase is the best fit for your needs! 

The Groove Glove Report


What Services Do You Offer?

Ultimately, if a brick and mortar tire shop offer a service, so do we! 



Flat Tire


TMPS Install &


Installation of New
Wheels & Tires

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Can I Purchase Tires from a Mobile Tire Shop?

Yes, you can! In fact, we also sell wheels (but, we will get to that later).

When using Tread Connection, you have the option of purchasing your own tires and we can install them, OR you can purchase the tires through us. 

Fun fact, when tire stores purchase tires, we all get our tires from the same pool of inventory. We sell the major brands as well as a few you may not be familiar with!

Can you find your brand?

Tire brands available in our mobile tire shop

Can I Purchase Wheels? 

Tread Connection Mobile Tire Shop Sells the Wheels You Need

Yes! In fact, this is one of our favorite items to sell!

Why? Because purchasing a new set of rims is one of the fastest ways to add some personality to a vehicle. We love helping our customers sort through the various options, styles, and looks. Plus… they are just awesome!

How Do I Schedule My Appointment?

Give us a call at (919) 636-3338! You get to pick the time and place, and we come to you!

Change Your Tires, Not Your Schedule!

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